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Quality Equipment Distributors Inc
611 East Sam Houston Parkway South Unit 800 Pasadena TX 77503 United States
2004 1 to 25

QED’s Rental Department is growing!  Offering a huge variety of equipment including: Carestream CR & DR, Teledyne Go-Scan C-View Real Time X-Ray Inspection, COMET Directional and Panoramic X-Ray Systems, Ultrasonic thickness to phased array systems, Remote Visual Systems, Hardness Testers, both SciAps and Niton LIBS and XRF Analyzers, and our latest addition to the rental fleet, the Eddyfi Ectane3.

Whether it’s providing equipment rentals, sales, repairs, calibrations, or Level III guidance and support we have you covered.

You’re not a customer, you’re a partner – We are invested in your success and are with you every step of the way. 

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Method Technique
Acoustic Emission Testing
Detection and Monitoring
Detectors, Leak
Detectors, Resonance
Probes and sensors
Probes, High Temperature
Probes, Particle Impact Noise Probes
Sensors, Multichannel
Electromagnetic Testing
Alternating Current Field Measurement
Detection and Monitoring
Detectors, Conductivity
Detectors, Corrosion
Detectors, Crack
Eddy Current Testing
Eddy Current Conductivity Instruments
Eddy Current Probes and Coils (all types)
Eddy Current Systems Comparators
Eddy Current Systems Data Reduction
Eddy Current Systems Hardness
Eddy Current Systems High-Speed Analysis
Eddy Current Systems Multichannel
Eddy Current Systems Single Channel
Eddy Current Systems Testers, Bar and Billet
Eddy Current Systems Testers, Tubing and Pipe
Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer
Inspection Equipment
Flux Leakage Devices
Magnetic Induction Devices
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tools
Rail Testing Equipment
Scanners, Area
Scanners, Bolthole
Scanners, Portable
Wire Rope Testing Devices
Measurement Instruments
Coating Measurement Tools
Resistivity Testing Tools
Probes and Sensors
Eddy Current Probes and Coils (all types)
Probes, Coating Thickness
Probes, Multifrequency
Probes, Remote Field
Sensors, Hall Effect
Sensors, Single Frequency
Pulsed eddy current testing
Remote Field Testing
Probes, Remote Field
Standards, Calibration/Reference
Guided Wave Testing
Testing Instruments
Leak Testing
Bubble Leak Testing
Detections and Monitoring
Detectors, AE Leak
Detectors, Chemical
Detectors, Halogen
Detectors, Mass Spectrometer
Detectors, Thermal Conductivity Gas
Detectors, Ultrasonic
Leak Rate Measurement
Tracers, Dye
Tracers, Gases
Gages, Absolute Pressure (Vacuum)
Gages, Pressure or Flow
Halogen diode leak testing
Helium Leak Detection Tools
Leak Rate Measurement
Mass spectrometer leak testing
Pressure Change Leak Testing
Probes and Sensors
Probes, High Voltage Electrical
Probes, Ultrasonic
Standard Leaks Devices
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Cleaning and Preparation
Cleaners, Removers
High Temperature Penetrant Systems
Inspection Equipment
Comparator Blocks
Lighting Equipment
Ultraviolet Lights
Processing and Analysis
Electrostatic Sprayers
Processing Equipment
Test Panels
Test Kits
Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing
Coiled Tubing Systems
Inspection Equipment
Scanners, Tank Floor
Scanners, Wire Rope
Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM)
Oilfield Piping Systems
Pipeline Pigs
Robotic Systems
Magnetic Particle Testing
Bench Units
Cleaning, Processing, and Vacuum Equipment
Bubble Emission Testing Equipment
Bubble Testing Equipment
Couplant Materials
Darkroom Equipment and Supplies
Darkrooms, Mobile
Film Processing Equipment
Immersion Scan Devices
Neutron Sources
Standard Leaks Devices
Imaging and Visualization Equipment
Illuminators and Viewing Aids
Imaging Accessories
Portable Sources
Magnetic Particles
Magnetizing Equipment (except yokes)
Rubber, Magnetic
Scanners, Area
Testing and Inspection Instruments
Comparator Blocks
Magnetic Inspection Equipment
Rail Testing Equipment
Reference Standards / Test Blocks
Special Purpose Equipment (e.g., custom)
Standards, Calibration/Reference
Predictive Maintenance/Condition Monitoring
Detection and Monitoring
Hardness Testing Tools
Radiographic Testing
Computed Radiography (CR)
Imaging Plates
Computed Tomography (CT)
Densitometersdigital radiography (DR)
Detection and Monitoring
Area Monitors and Alarms
Detectors, Amorphous Selenium
Detectors, Amorphous Silicone
Detectors, Fluoroscopic
Personnel Monitoring
Radiation Detectors & Imaging Systems
Imaging and Analysis
Darkroom Equipment and Supplies
Darkrooms, Mobile
Film Processing Equipment
Illuminators and Viewing Aids
X-Ray Generators
X-Ray Room
X-Ray Shielding
Ultrasonic Testing
Couplant Materials
C-Scan Systems
Detectors, Flaw
Full Matrix Capture (FMC)
Immersion Scan Devices
Inspection Equipment
Bond Testers
Hardness Testers
Thickness Gages
Matrix Array Ultrasonic Testing (MAUT)
Measurement Instruments
Extensometers (Bolt Gages)
Reference Standards/Test Blocks
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
Probes and Sensors
Probes, Concrete and Wood
Probes, Phased Array
Probes, Tank Bottoms and Sidewalls
Transducer Analyzers
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
Total Focusing Method (TFM)
Visual Testing
Imaging and Analysis
Image Processing
Machine Vision
Photographic Equipment
Video Cameras and Systems
Inspection Equipment
Metallographic Equipment
Surface/Contour (VT)
Remote Visual Testing (RVT)
Sensors, Signal Processing
Equipment Industry
Oil and gas/petrochemical
Power generation/energy/utilities
Services and Consulting
In-house Certification Services
Program Development
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies